Local Measure provides a splash page with social buttons or email address for data collection, which will then create customer profiles within the Local Measure platform.

This article explains how to implement both these features in order to track location analytics within the Local Measure platform.

Implementing the Local Measure Splash Page

Local Measure has a GDPR compliant splash page that allows customers to give consent to your company to collect their personal data along with a marketing opt in mechanism.

Customers are asked to log in through their social accounts or provide a first name, last name and email address.

An example configuration with Facebook, Twitter and Email login options is shown below.

Step 1

When the user connects, redirect the user to the Local Measure Splash URL with added parameters.

Eg. https://splash.getlocalmeasure.com/wifi/<id>?
base_grant_url=<url>&client_mac=<client id>

  • id: This is the splash page ID and is generated by Local Measure and will be provided to you.
  • base_grant_url: This is your internet grant URL. Local Measure will redirect back to this when we want you to grant internet access. Make sure to URL encode this URL.
  • client_mac: The client's mac address

Step 2

Add these domains to the walled garden

Please note that you will require an inbound API in order to track location analytics. 

This information can be found here on how to set this up:

Step 3

After you connect the user to the internet redirect them to the Splash Page Success URL

E.g. https://splash.getlocalmeasure.com/wifi/<id>/success

This is an optional page that the user can be redirected to after the user has full internet access as a final “You are now connected!” page along with a call to action banner and click through, or you can redirect them to.

Implementing the Local Measure Location and Presence Services API (Optional)

If you would like to track entries, exits and dwell time inside Local Measure you will also need to send us the location information for each device. Whether that is via latitude and longitude or zone information.

Information on how to submit location information is listed at the URL’s below.

For submitting via latitude and longitude. 


For submitting via zone information. 


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