Pulse auto-replies is a feature that allows you to automatically reply to customers who complete Pulses without comments.

How does it work?

  • A customer completes a Pulse and does not leave any comments

  • A predefined email is sent to the guest within a specified timeframe to ask them for further feedback and provide contact options if they wish to follow-up.

Some benefits include:

  • Saving your team time - by not having to reply to every Pulse that comes in (the Pulse ratings that normally require a template response).

  • Respond in your sleep - feel confident that Pulses are followed up, especially ones that come in overnight and during busy periods. 

  • Further promote a two-way conversation during visit - by giving your customers the contact options to get in touch in real-time. Add a link to Pulse to gain more feedback, Facebook Messenger link (to receive messages via Local Measure Engage), a WhatsApp number, phone number or WeChat ID.                      

Auto-reply features

  • You can choose which ratings you enable the feature for.

  • You can set a time delay of when to send the email after the Pulse is completed.

  • Once an auto-reply is sent, the pulse card will move into the 'actioned' folder.

  • You have the ability to 'cancel' the auto-reply.

  • If a customer fills out a Pulse more than once within a 24 hour period, they will not receive another auto-reply.

  • Auto-reply labels are applied to any Pulse where a message is scheduled to be sent (auto-reply scheduled), has been sent and delivered (auto-replied), has been sent but not delivered (auto-reply retrying) and has failed to send (auto-reply bounced).

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