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Pulse Captive Network Assistant (CNA) Authentication Integration
Pulse Captive Network Assistant (CNA) Authentication Integration

Learn how to integrate Pulse into a CNA authentication workflow

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Primarily on Android devices, when a user finishes the process of authenticating to a Wi-Fi network, the device will close the CNA once internet connectivity can be established. With a redirect after success configuration, the user will never be redirected to Pulse.

This integration will help you to prompt a user with a Pulsepoint before a success message is returned to the Wi-Fi controller granting the device full internet connectivity. This will prevent the CNA from being closed as we are restricting full internet access until after the Pulsepoint is completed.

Current Flow

New Flow

Setting up your CNA Authentication Integration

1. Modify your walled garden

Add the following domains to the walled garden/whitelist ACL:






2. Create Pulse URL

Using your Pulse URL, the following parameter will need to be added so Pulse knows where to authenticate the client to.

Parameter: redirect_url

Value: Location of controller authentication URL.

3. Modify Splash Page Authentication

With the modified Pulse URL, modify the captive portal to redirect to the Pulse URL instead of the controller authentication URL (ie. grant URL).

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