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The Local Measure API Explained
The Local Measure API Explained

What is an API and how it can help?

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The Local Measure Platform API allows you to power your current platforms with data to provide personalised experiences.

By connecting together the systems and applications that you use with the Local Measure API, allows you to get the right data so that your team can focus on understanding your customers and delivering incredible experiences.

What can I do with the Local Measure API?

Enhance your marketing capabilities: 

  • Acquire new leads for loyalty membership

  • Increase conversion by targeting engaged and happy guests

  • Personalise marketing messaging based on unique customer profiles

  • Reward customer loyalty with relevant during-visit offers

Enrich your CRM with real-time customer data 

  • Acquire customer records for guests who haven't yet transacted with your business

  • Increase record completeness and accuracy without relying on manual data entry

  • Connect visitation and sentiment data with other business data to identify trends and revenue opportunities (Link to CRM persona one pager)

Respond to your guests feedback faster and more effectively

  • Automate case management by integrating during-visit feedback and sentiment from Local Measure into your ticketing systems

  • Connect in-moment customer feedback with post-stay feedback to measure the impact of service recovery on reputation

  • Use feedback and visit history to improve existing processes like pre-arrival reports

What's next?

  • Reach out to our Customer Success team to find out the best way that the Local Measure API can work for you

  • Either click the speech bubble at the bottom corner to chat to us, or email us at 

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