Getting started with Employee Pulse is simple. You'll need to add teams, upload your employee list, customise your survey and schedule your survey send.


This will need to be set up in the platform for you by your sales representative or customer success manager. All you will need to provide is a list of your Teams. Team set up can differ from company to company and it is completely up to you how you would like to split your employees based on your organisational or team structure.

Here is a list of teams as an example:  

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations

If you are an international company, you can create teams based on region:

  • Finance - US
  • Finance - APAC
  • Finance - Europe

Feel free to consult with your Local Measure contact to assist you with options that would suit your company set up.

Uploading your employee list to Local Measure

You can add, manage and delete employees via the Employee tab with the Employee section of the platform. To access this, head to Settings ⚙️ > Employees > Employees tab. Note: You can also import your employees in one go by uploading a csv file. 

For the csv file upload, you will need a list of employees with the following fields:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email 
  • timezone (you may refer to these timezone formats here. The email will be sent based on the employee's timezone)
  • team_name (this needs to be exactly the same as the team names you have given to your Local Measure contact)

Here is an example of what the information would look like:
Local, Measure,, Australia/Sydney, Customer Success

You can download the CSV template here to fill in the above employee information.

A few things to note when filling in the employee information:

  • Do not change or add any headings in row 1
  • Save the CSV in UTF-8 format
  • If in doubt, you can forward the csv file to your sales representative or customer success manager to review and complete the upload for you

Pulse Email Set Up and Scheduling

To set up your email template and schedule, go to the Schedule tab of the Employee section of the platform.

Go to Settings ⚙️ > Employees > Schedules > "+ Add new Schedules"

You can set a schedule for each of your teams here. We currently have two delivery types: Email and Cisco Webex Teams

What you can customise for your Employee Pulse email:

  • Email subject heading
  • Employee Pulse question (Your Local Measure contact can update this for you)
  • Email Intro
  • Email Outro

What you can customise for your email/Cisco Webex Teams schedule:

  • Days of the week (You can send the survey daily, weekly or multiple times during the week. We’ve found that once a week is most effective during the initial rollout)
  • Time of the day

Once a schedule has been saved, here is what you can do in edit:

  • Change the email subject, intro and outro
  • Change the schedule (day and time)
  • Manual Send: You can use this to send yourself a test email. "Manual send" is also handy if you'd like to send out a Pulse email ahead of time or perhaps a second time in the week.

What next?

If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team -

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