Creating a group will allow you to filter and view employee pulse data by team in the dashboard. It also allows you to set permissions for managers to view results for their team only.

You will need Teams created before you can create groups. To get your teams created, please inform your Sales Representative or your Customer Success Manager. For further support, please reach out to or refer to this article on Employee Pulse: Getting started.

How to create new groups

  1. Go to Settings ⚙️ 
  2. Select Teams

To create a new group for the first time:
1. Select the "Groups" tab, located to the right of the "Teams" tab.
2. Select "Create a New Group".
3. For your first group, we recommend creating an "All Employees" group and adding all teams (all employees) to this group for a high level overview in the dashboard.

      To create more groups:

  1. Select "New Group" located in the top right.
  2. Depending on the Dashboard view you would like and how your teams/departments are managed in your company, you can create groups with multiple teams such as Sales + Marketing (as shown in the gif below).

Other than a group for "All employees" why is creating more groups useful?

Creating a group for each of the teams allow your managers a quick overview of the team members in a dashboard view.

If you have a manager that looks after a few teams or you would like a high level view of multiple teams together, you can create groups to suit your needs.

Why is my Dashboard not working?

Please note: The dashboard will start showing data when 10 and more pulses have been collected.

What next?
- Learn more about the Employee Pulse and Dashboard view.
- Learn more about what you need to import employee list to the platform.

If you require further assistance or help creating groups, please reach out to

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