Employee Pulse

Let's first focus on the first three tabs we can see at the top of the Pulse Inbox view:

  • All Teams
    This is a drop down function and controls what Pulse survey responses you are viewing at a given time. "All Teams" gives you an overview of all Pulses received from all employees. You have the option to view Pulses from particular Teams. You might also give managers access to only view and manage their own teams feedback.
  • Open
    All new and existing Pulses can be viewed in this Open "inbox". From here you can click into each individual Pulses for more information as well as to manage the feedback such as:
    - Add a note: This tool allows you to record how you have managed and responded to your employees feedback. Great for note taking or allows for transparency within the management team and HR.
    - Mark Actioned: As you action your employees’ feedback and close the loop, you can move these Pulse responses into the Actioned section of Pulse. This keeps your Open folder organised with Pulse responses that still require your attention as well as making space for  new Pulse responses from the next survey mail out.
    - Contact by email: Aside from 1:1 meetings or phone calls, you can close the feedback loop by sending an email directly to the employee (if they chose to be identified). When you click this option, it will take you out to the default email platform on your computer or device.
    - Viewing your employees profile: If the employee chose to be identified, you can click on your employee’s profile by clicking their name or email address at the top of their Pulse. This will take you to your employees profile with a record of all Pulse survey responses ever received as well as any notes you may have left alongside the feedback.
  • Actioned
    When you select "mark actioned" for a Pulse response in the Open inbox, it will move it to the Actioned inbox. In a way this is like archiving the Pulse survey responses you have already reviewed and managed.


Here is a breakdown of the features available in the Dashboard.

Total Pulses: Total number of pulse survey responses received for the last 30 days.

Overall Sentiment: Overall Pulse ratings in a colour bar graph split based on the weighting of the ratings for the last 30 days.

Positive Pulse display: Rotating display of feedback rating 3 - 5 (at random) received in the last 30 days.

Negative Pulse display: Rotating display of feedback rating 1 & 2 (at random) received in the last 30 days.

Team Breakdown: Pulse rating by teams, ranked by the average rating highest to lowest in the last 30 days.

Keyword Sentiment: Add and track keywords for Pulse ratings to identify feedback themes and better understand employee sentiment. Added keywords are associated with positive, neutral or negative ratings.

Filter icon (top left): If you have multiple groups set up (other than "All employees") you can filter the dashboard to view other groups.

Seeing this "Still collecting feedback..." message? Fear not, the dashboard will start showing data when 10 and more pulses have been collected.

Exporting the Employee Pulse Responses and Rating (csv file)

To access the Export Data function, you can either:

  • Select Export Data in the right-hand side panel next to the Pulse inbox
  • Go to Settings ⚙️ and select Data Export

To export your Employee Pulse responses and rating as a csv file:

  1. Go to Settings ⚙️ and select Data Export
  2. Select the "Pulse Responses" option
  3. Toggle between the teams
  4. Select the Date Range
  5. Hit the Export button

What next?

If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team - support@getlocalmeasure.com

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