- If I am already using Local Measure products - Pulse, Engage or Curate, how can I access the Employee Pulse Dashboard?

To switch between the different accounts:
Go to Settings ⚙️ and click Switch. This will take you out to your different set ups/accounts/locations. You can see which account or location you are viewing under your user name. In this example (refer to the screenshot below), "LM Demo Account" is the account we are currently viewing.

- How do I create Teams?

This needs to be done by your Local Measure contact - your sales representative or your customer success manager. All you will need to provide is a list of your Teams. Team set up can differ from company to company and is completely up to you how you would like to split your employees based on your organisational or team structure.

For more information on creating teams, please refer to the Employee Pulse: Getting started Help Article.

- How do I create Groups?

You will need to create groups to view your employee sentiment data via the Dashboard. However you will first need to have teams created in order to form groups.

Most commonly used groups is "All Employees". You can then group your teams however you like into viewable groups in the dashboard.

For instructions to create groups, please refer to the Creating a Group for your Dashboard Help Article.

- How do I upload my employees to the platform?

You will need the following employee information in either an excel or csv file:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • timezone (this is important when you schedule your regular EX Pulse email mail out. You may refer to this list of timezones here).
  • team_name

For more information on what you would need, please refer to this What you need to import your employee list to Local Measure Help Article.

- Will the staff be able to see their or other staff members feedback? How do I manage the admin access?

Your employees will not be able to view the dashboard. Only HR, Managers and leadership staff with access granted will be able to view and manage the staff feedback.

- How do I schedule the Employee Pulse survey? How often can I send out the Employee Pulse survey to my employees?

To set up your email template and schedule, go to the Schedule tab of the Employee section of the platform.

Go to Settings ⚙️ > Employees > Schedules > "+ Add new Schedules"

What you can customise for your email/Cisco Webex Teams schedule:

  • Days of the week (You can send the survey daily, weekly or multiple times during  the week. We’ve found that once a week is most effective during  the initial rollout)
  • Time of the day

- What can I customise for my Employee Pulse email:

  • Email subject heading
  • Employee Pulse question (Your Local Measure contact can update this for you)
  • Email Intro
  • Email Outro

- Why is my Dashboard not working?

Seeing this "Still collecting feedback..." message? Fear not, the dashboard will start showing data when 10 and more pulses have been collected.

Whats next?
You may find some of these help articles useful.

If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team - support@getlocalmeasure.com

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