To starting sending Pulse surveys to employees, you will need to upload your employee list.

For the csv file upload, you will need a list of employees with the following fields:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • timezone (you may refer to these timezone formats here. You will be able to schedule the timing of your Pulse emails. The email will be sent based on the employee's timezone).
  • team_name (this needs to be exactly the same as the team names you have given to your Local Measure contact).

Here is an example of what the information would look like:
Local, Measure,, Australia/Sydney, Customer Success

You can download the CSV template here to fill in the above employee information.

A few things to note when filling in the employee information:

  • Please do not change or add any headings in row 1
  • Save the CSV in UTF-8 format
  • If in doubt, you can forward the csv file to your sales representative or customer success manager to review and complete the upload for you

To upload the CSV file:

  • Go to ⚙️ > Employees > Click on the '+ Upload Employees CSV' button.
  • Drop the CSV file onto the dedicated area and hit the Import button:

  • Once it's done, you will see the list of employees on the page, with a counter on the top left to tell you how many of them have been imported.

If there is any error with the CSV upload, you will receive an email like the one below:

If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team at

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