To get started with your Cisco Webex Team Spaces you will first need to activate the plugin in Local Measure.

Go to Settings ⚙️ then Integrations and Activate the plugin for Cisco Webex Teams. You will then be prompted to log into your Webex Teams account and accept the permissions requested by Local Measure to pull in your Webex Spaces into the platform.

You will then be returned to the Integrations set up. To complete the Webex space employee set up, you can go to Settings ⚙️ then employees or follow the prompt on the integration page "Click here to import employees and teams from Webex".

Select the + Upload Webex Space Employees and all the spaces you have already set up or have access to in Webex Teams, will be pulled in for you to choose from.

You can now start scheduling when you would like the Employee Pulse Survey to be delivered to your employees via Cisco Webex Teams.

Here is what you can customise:

  • Days of the week (You can send the survey daily, weekly or multiple times during the week. We’ve found that once a week is most effective during the initial rollout)
  • Time of the day

If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team -

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