Internal comms to your employees regarding the rollout of Employee Pulse before your first survey goes out

We have seen the best adoption by employees and successful rollout of Employee Pulse when the leadership team addresses the following items in an internal communication prior to the first Employee Pulse survey being sent out:

- Communicate the importance of employee engagement and feedback

- Sets employee expectations about the purpose of the Employee Pulse survey and the importance of their participation with honest and open feedback

Here is a template as an example of what you can communicate to your employees:

Dear Team, 

As employees, you are at the heart of everything we do and your wellbeing is our number one priority. We want to better understand how you are feeling and regularly get your feedback.

We are launching a short weekly Pulse survey that allows you to rate how you feel and raise any questions or concerns you may have. You will be able to submit feedback openly or anonymously. Importantly, only your manager and their manager will see your feedback. The more open you are in giving us your feedback, the more we can support you.

How does it work?
● Weekly on <insert day>, you will get an email with a one question survey asking how you are feeling (1-5, with 5 being happiest), with the option to provide additional feedback.
● This feedback will be shared with your manager so they can review the feedback and support you accordingly. If you submit your response anonymously, your manager will see the feedback only.

What is next?
● Watch out for the email with the subject ‘<Insert subject>’. Please be as open as you can so we can help support you more.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Actioning your employee feedback and in a timely manner

To offer your support to your staff and employees, it is important to close the loop in a timely manner on the feedback received from your staff, either via a 1:1 meeting, phone call or email.

Use of notes and marking Pulse survey responses as actioned

Within each Pulse received, you have the ability to:

  • Add notes: This lets you capture how you have managed the feedback, so you have it on record.
  • Mark Actioned: Marking the Pulse response as actioned will move it from your "Open" to the "Actioned" inbox folder. This in a way archives your Pulse responses to keep your "Open" inbox tidy for you to focus on any Pulses that still require your attention. This also clears the "Open" inbox for the new Pulse survey responses.

What next?

If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team -

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