Employee Pulse is a lightweight, non-intrusive feedback tool to help businesses of all sizes take regular pulse checks on employee happiness.

Using email or Cisco® Webex Teams, employees answer a single-question survey using emojis to rate how they are feeling, with the option to leave additional feedback. Feedback can be shared anonymously or openly, allowing you to close the loop directly with employees that are happy to be contacted.

Pulse checks can be run weekly or even daily, and you can track your employee happiness score over time via the Employee Pulse dashboard to monitor changes or improvements. You can view Employee Pulse feedback across your entire organisation or by department, team and location, empowering managers to check how their team is feeling and take ownership to follow up.

Employee Pulse works alongside existing employee engagement or performance management platforms to give you fast insights to help keep your people happy and engaged.

For more information or assistance, please reach out to our support team - support@getlocalmeasure.com

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